Hi, I’m Amy Marketing Director



Team-building skills to motivate the team and increase productivity. People management, training and hiring roles for marketing organization. Advise cross-functional and management teams on technical matters.

Marketing Strategy

Develop marketing strategies how to attract more customers and convert them into clients by promoting the products or services to grow market share.

Business Strategy

Develop business strategy through market research, competitive analysis, and brand equity to meet the organizational goals and satisfaction of the stakeholders.

Project Management

Coordinate marketing projects from beginning to end by planning, organizing, and executing the tasks into product, service, or deliverable.

Budget Management

Develop, monitor costs and budgets including research, analysis, expenditures, and profit-loss projections.

Brand Management

Develop new company or product branding or rebranding your existing product, service or company with brand strategy, messaging and positioning to grow your brand awareness and brand equity.

Communication Strategy

Establish roadmap for business and marketing communications by guiding communications across all formats, mediums, and audiences; and aligns them with core values, purpose, and desired outcomes.

Business Operations

Manage daily operations by leading a team, conducting review, providing strategic guidance for process improvement, researching and advising on new techniques for increased brand awareness, managing team conflicts, ensuring that all the marketing tools are up to date, and more.

Website Management

Oversee the operational activities for the maintenance, optimization, and improvement of the performance, security, and overall functionality of company or organization’s websites by leading the team on the development and overall content.